Announcement From Committee

On On,

To all hashers, participant of Pangandaran Pan Asia Hash 2021,

Looking at the development of covid 19 situation, raising number of cases, new mutation of the virus which has been identified to be more contageous, we hope that we can always protect ourselves and follow the health protocol so that we can stay away from this virus.

Last night, I talked to the Government authority who deals with the Covid 19 about the vaccine.

It is surprising that in order for all of us to get vaccinated will take serious amount of time. For sure it will not be finished before September 2021.

Let’s say we finish the vaccination by September, it will take another 3 months to see the reaction. Since the Pan Asia Hash is scheduled on the 8 – 10 October 2021, It wil be wiser for us to postpone it until the situation is getting better.

We hope that all participants can understand the situation. We will keep following the development, and keep you all updated with the replacement date for the Pangandaran Pan Asia Hash.

Thank you.

On On
King Kong

28 Dec 2020.


USD125 / MYR500
(until 30th April 2020)

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