Pangandaran is a popular beach located in West Java. As one of the most popular tourist attractions, Pangandaran offers various amazing views. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset, walk on the white and black sands and see the local’s activities there. Don’t forget to taste the signature dish when visiting Pangandaran with your loved ones. Try the seafood dishes along Pangandaran beach is a must.

What are they?

You can find various fish, shrimps, oysters, octopus, sea snails, clam, mussel, crabs, scallops, and more. People can enjoy various seafood dishes made of fresh ingredients cached by local fishermen in Pangandaran beach. You can enjoy it in seafood restaurants that can be found easily along the beach. You can ask the fish to be grilled, steamed or fried as you like.

The rich flavor of fresh seafood ingredients made the dishes delicious and savory. The customers can choose how the seafood cooked with various choices, such as fry, steam, and grill. The fresh seafood also can be cooked in some special sauce, such as oyster sauce, sweet and sour, tauco, spicy and sour, butter cause and more.

There are also vegetables menus and sambal prepared by the restaurants to be eaten with the seafood dishes. You can choose sautéed kangkung, genjer, fried Pete or stinky bean, and various fresh vegetables are eaten raw with sambal. Genjer is the local vegetable that usually lived in West Java. The taste of the genjer is crunchy and rich in fiber.

Popular Dishes

When it comes to popular dishes, there are many selections to pick. You need to try the grilled fish and steam mussel. If you like with crab and shrimps, you need to try the spicy sour sauce and butter sauce. The grilled fish comes from fresh fish that slice in half and spiced with simple ingredients. The fresh fish gives a sweet and savory taste. The grilled fish is best eaten with sambal kecap and sambal matah.

You can pick the seafood by yourself and place it on the plate. Mention the sauce or how you want the seafood will be cooked to the waiter. The seafood dishes will be perfectly enjoyed with fresh coconut water and orange juice. You don’t need to worry about the prices. All the seafood dishes come under Rp 100.000,00 for one kg. The price is adjusted with the variants of seafood you picked. You can check the price before you eat to make sure, just ask the pricelist to the waiter.


USD125 / MYR500
(until 30th April 2020)

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