Run Site

Run Site A - Krapyak Beach

+- 15 km From Pangandaran 

Krapyak is one of the beach tourism destinations called “Paradise Beach” which is located in Bagolo Village. This destination has a tourist attraction in the form of a beautiful stretch of white sand combined with coral rocks along its coastline. In Krapyak, tourists do beach activities such as fishing, camping or just enjoying the surrounding scenery.


Run Site B - Karang Nini Beach

+- 15 km From Pangandaran 

Karang Nini Beach is located in Emplak Village, the most prominent character of Karang Nini Beach is its long coastline, in some parts of the beach decorated with coral rocks. This beach looks quieter and is considered suitable as a place to unwind.
Run Site C - Cagar Alam Pangandaran

+- 15 km From Run Site 

Entering the Nature Reserve area, tourists can see the diversity of flora and fauna such as long-tailed macaques, langurs, deer, bats, Javanese porcupines, monitor lizards and Rafflesia flowers. As well as various historical relics such as Batu Kalde Site, Parat Cave Site, Batu Table Site, Japanese Cave, Lanang Cave, Stage Cave and Cirengganis Baths.
Run Site D - Citumang

+- 15 km From Pangandaran 

Citumang Pangandaran is a river that divides the forest with a moderate flow rate leading to a cave. The natural beauty around the river is so beautiful, besides the clarity of the Citumang river water is also the main attraction for tourists.
Run Site E - Green Canyon

+- 30 km From Pangandaran 

Green Canyon is a natural tourism in the form of a river flanked by two rocky hills that penetrate the cave. The turquoise green color of the river water is a special charm for tourists who like water tourism. The mouth of the cave is decorated with splashing water droplets that resemble rain which gives the impression of perfection of natural beauty.
Run Site F - Batu Karas Beach

+- 35 km From Pangandaran 

This beach is famous for its fairly large waves and is often used as a surfing arena by both local and foreign surfers. In addition to enjoying a relatively calmer beach atmosphere, you can also make this place a culinary tourism event by going around the stalls around the beach and selling a variety of seafood options.